On the evening of the scheduled event, Chef Meagen will arrive with the freshest ingredients and begin cooking. Soon after, your server will arrive begin setting the table and preparing for the evening.

You and your guests will begin with a cocktail hour where you will enjoy drinks, hors d'oeuvres‏, and conversation. Next, everyone will be seated for plated salad, and entrée courses. To conclude the evening, enjoy something sweet from our dessert menu.

As you and your guests enjoy your final course the server will begin clean-up. All of the dishes will be loaded into the dish washer and your kitchen will be left spotless.

Client Assessment


We will arrange a call for an initial, no-obligation, consultation. At this time we will discuss your food preferences, expectations, allergies, and dietary concerns. You can begin choosing the courses you would like prepared from our menu.  At this time a date may be scheduled for your event.

How it Works

Let's get cooking